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Pedro Carneiro Silva is a pianist, composer and performer from Rio de Janeiro. His creative musical process stands out for an innovative approach that explores the interaction between experiences, feelings and music. In the “Free Seat” project, in partnership with Ardalan Aram, Pedro creates music for people during random encounters in the city and in “O Trampolim de Oiticica” project, his music is created through performances that explore social and personal issues. Pedro also collaborates with artists from around the world and has conducted concerts and workshops throughout Europe, Asia and Brazil. He holds a degree in Brazilian Music from UNIRIO (Rio de Janeiro) and a Masters in Jazz Piano from Escola Superior de Musica (Lisbon). Pedro was a guest piano and composition faculty in two of the main music institutes in India - Global Music Institute (Delhi) and SAM (Chennai).


There is one word that is in the center of everything that Ardalan Aram creates: Feeling. The Iranian-German conceptual artist, filmmaker and entrepreneur believes that true connection is possible through our raw human experiences, no matter if evoked by a film, an installation, a performance piece or simply by a new perspective on the ordinary.

"Anonymous cities create anonymous people, a separation between you and me, them and us. I believe that we need more spaces that allow strangers to show their vulnerability and connect through sharing a feeling with each other."

In collaboration with the composer and pianist Pedro Carneiro Silva he created the Free Seat Project and has been placing the living installation throughout cities like Berlin, Lisbon, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. 

Ardalan also co-founded, a berlin based start-up aiming to demystify and destigmatize psychotherapy by showing thoroughly how it's done by influential experts in the field of psychology and therapy. Through he seeks to remove fear and shame that is still associated with the topic of mental health & counseling.

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